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Hydrhaga – a fantasy novel by Kim ten Tusscher

Three youngsters set out to find the mysterious city of Hydrhaga.

Filming an Indie Sci-Fi Web Series: Horizon – Season 2

Season 2 concludes the story of four friends caught up in an alien invasion of Bristol City in the UK.

Horizon – an adventurous indie sci-fi web series

The lives of four friends are changed forever when an alien spacecraft looms above the city of Bristol.

Simon Pearce – director, editor, producer, screenwriter & actor

Simon is a director, editor and producer known for I Am the Doorway, Watch Over Me, Judas Ghost and British sci-fi web series Horizon.

Paul Tonkin – actor, musical director, musician, playwright & theatre director

Paul is a British actor known for King Lear, Gatsby, Sleeping Beauty, Intruder, ASH, Gingerbread Man, Broken and British indie sci-fi web series Horizon.

Paul Dudbridge – author, cinematographer, director, editor, producer & screenwriter

Paul is a British filmmaker known for sci-fi web series Horizon, Under the Jericho Sun and the author of Shooting Better Movies: The Student Filmmakers’ Guide and Making Your First Blockbuster: Write it. Film it. Blow it up!

Mhairi Calvey – actor & screenwriter

Mhairi is a British actor known for Five Pillars, 3 Lives, Modern Love, Eden Grey, Dark Ascension, Abduct and British indie sci-fi web series Horizon.

Kate Davies-Speak – actor & casting director

Kate is a British actor known for Escape From Cannibal Farm, The Barge People, Eden Lake, The Hills Have Eyes and British sci-fi web series Horizon.

Dan Winter – actor

Dan is a British actor known for Comedy of Errors, Henry V, Uncle Vanya, Julius Caesar, Anthony & Cleopatra and British sci-fi web series Horizon.

Alicia Ancel – actor

Alicia is a British actor known for Dark Vision, MERCS Movie and British indie sci-fi web series Horizon.

Altered Carbon review – a densely plotted sci-fi

Criminal Takeshi Kovacks is awoken after 250 years by a wealthy businessman who wants him to solve his own murder.

Godless review – a gripping and character-driven Western

Frank Griffin hunts for Roy Goode and the chase leads him to the town of La Belle, a community populated almost exclusively by women.

Stranger Things: Season 2 review – astoundingly good

A year has passed and Mike is plagued by visions of the Upside Down and danger from a strange new creature.

Stranger Things review – a TV masterpiece set in the Eighties

Three school friends band together to find their friend Will who has gone missing in mysterious circumstances.

The OA review – a weird and wonderful series

A young woman missing for seven years suddenly reappears in town but is reluctant to tell anyone where she’s been and what actually happened.

Star Trek: Discovery review – a bold new Star Trek series

Michael Burnham joins the crew of the USS Discovery as it sets out to discover new worlds and civilisations.

The Challenges of Filming a Micro-Budget Post-Apocalyptic Web Series: Mad World

Callum Richardson writes a script, grabs a camera and with some friends films his first ever web series.

Arb Paninken – concept artist & illustrator

Arb is a British concept artist and illustrator specialising in digital fantasy, sci-fi, horror, video game, comic book, character portraits, cityscapes and landscapes.

David Axcell – film critic & movie reviews

David is a British film critic and movie reviewer who has a broad taste in film with a particular interest in science fiction.