Joker (2019)

'A new movie approach for DC’s iconic villain'

A short article by David Axcell

4 May 2019 · 1-Min Read

In Gotham City, Arthur Fleck, a failed stand-up comedian is slowly driven insane as he evolves into the insane criminal mastermind the Joker.

Film Details

Unknown Cert · Uknown Runtime · 2019.


Crime · Drama · Thriller.


Frances Conroy · Joaquin Phoenix · Robert De Niro · Zazie Beetz.


Todd Phillips.


Scott Silver (screenplay) · Todd Phillips (screenplay).


Lawrence Sher.


Jeff Groth.


Hildur Guðnadóttir.



This is not a review. The 'Joker' will be reviewed on the 4 October 2019.

Arguably one of the most iconic comic book villains ever, the Joker has been re-imagined countless times for the big and small screen. Cesar Romero was one of the first actors to portray him in the 1960's Batman TV series starring Adam West. And the latest was Jared Leto's controversial take on the character, introduced in Suicide Squad (2016). As long as movie studios keep churning out new iterations of Batman, you can bet a different interpretation of his greatest foe will shortly follow. If you ask most people, the general consensus is that Heath Ledger's portrayal is the definitive version.

'What we also know is that unlike most comic movies, this is intended to be a single instalment with no planned sequels.'

David Axcell

It's hard to deny the supremacy of Ledger's Joker in The Dark Night (2008). With no origins story, the character was a force of nature, an agent of chaos and the perfect foil for Christian Bale's Batman. So good was he, that he was posthumously awarded best supporting actor after his death. Leto clearly had big shoes to fill when he came in for the DCEU's version of the crown prince of crime. Sadly, he wasn't received that well at all. Suicide Squad didn’t give him that much screen time, and what we saw was a man trying too hard to outdo the superior Ledger. His future as the infamous DC villain is now uncertain.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Recently, Warner Brothers has no longer been emphasising the shared nature of these DC movies. In fact, a new one-off film exploring the Joker's origins is coming out soon, starring Joaquin Phoenix in the iconic role. This will be the first time the character gets his own movie, and we got our first look with a new trailer. Directed by Todd Phillips, this actually looks different to a lot of other comic book adaptation and feels more like an in-depth character study. A look into a damaged and unstable psyche, examining what it would take for a fragile mind to snap.

'The trailer did an excellent job of conveying that unique approach the film hopes to adopt. It offers a look into the villain's background, revealing how he became the Joker in the first place. Although Tim Burton gave us an origins story in 1989's Batman, this new take looks more interesting and thoughtful. What we also know is that unlike most comic movies, this is intended to be a single instalment with no planned sequels. Yet, if successful, will spawn a new line of DC films unconnected to the DCEU. Part of which will be darker and more experimental in naturel. For the fans who are looking for a break from the conventional and formulaic, this could very well be the superhero movie for them.'

David Axcell

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